Gua Sha


gusha2Gua sha therapy (Scraping therapy) is an ancient Chinese traditional natural therapy and is based on the theory of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), By scraping the skin of the relevant parts of the human body with the tools of horns , jade or other material, We can get the purpose of promoting blood circulation and dredging meridians.

With the skin being scraped by a gua sha tool, The skin will be raised small red petechiae which called ‘sha’ in chinese ,and the “sha”will fade within 2 or 3 days. By Raising sha, the capillaries will be highly dilated and it will enhance the sweat secretion and circulation of the body blood. It will helps to remove blood stagnation which considered pathogenic and promote body metabolic processes.

Gua¬†Sha has immediate effect for Hypertension,stiffness,heat stroke, fever,cough,chill,nausea,and muscle pain caused by cold syndrome. The patient will experience immediate relief from above symptom after gua sha therapy. By performing gua sha regulary, we also can coordinate the “qi” of the body, relieve fatigue and enhance immune function of the body.

Gua sha therapy is an easy performing technique and it is valuable in preventing and treatment of upper respiratory,digestive problems,acute infectious illness and many other acute or chronic disorders.